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This Ultra Portable, Lightning Fast Wall Charger 'Juices' Up To 3 Gadgets At Once & Revives 'Dead' Devices In Minutes

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by Justina Principe,
Gearhead & Tech Tester  |  5 Minutes Read

Do You Suffer From Low Battery Anxiety?

According to the Wall Street Journal, when smartphones, laptops, and tablet batteries die...

Thousands of Americans start freaking out.

Because the very second they see this warning flash on their screen:, as they know it, comes to a screeching halt.

No matter how YOU react to a dying gadget, the stress comes from the same place: Low Battery Anxiety.

9/10 Americans Have Low Battery Anxiety
Here's The Symptoms:

  • You've asked complete strangers to charge your phone (or swiped a charger from a workmate)
  • You've ordered something at a bar or restaurant just to borrow the power outlet
  • You've made crazy U-turns when you realize you left your charger at home
  • You've missed a mat­ch on a dating app or a workout at the gym because your phone died

The cause? Wimpy batteries. But it's not your fault.

Because even the biggest, baddest, & newest flagship devices still use battery tech that's stuck in the stone ages.

The harder you use them... the faster the battery drains.

And as the WSJ article reports... too many missed texts can wreak havoc on relationships.

If only there was a way to get ALL of your gadgets juiced up, ultra fast on a single outlet...

With a time-saving wall charger you can actually count on to help you live your very best digital life!

Now there is... and is it ever Zippy.


Zippy Revives 'Dead' Devices In Record Time
(Get Back To Your Gadgets 4X Faster)

Rapid Recharge Technology

Zippy is a smart, pocket-sized wall charger that can power up 3 of your favorite devices... and do it 4X faster than other wall chargers on the market.

The result? Your favorite devices go from dead (0%) to alive and kicking (100% charged) in as little as 29 minutes!

And you can do it without hauling around a bunch of bulky chargers... or being a "plug hog".

Here's How Zippy Works

Unlike other wall chargers, which slow down the more devices you plug into it...

Zippy uses its state-of-the-art GaN chip to detect your device and deliver exactly the power it needs to charge rapidly.

Thanks to 2 built-in nanoheat sinks and high temperature insulation... you'll never have to worry about your gadgets overheating.

That's because Zippy's 1 USB-A port and 2 USB-C ports take advantage of advanced safe charging technology.

Safe charging calibrates how much power goes to each port and provides multi-current protection.

If the total is about to exceed 100W max output, the built-in surge suppression keeps things cool.

The best part? Zippy is compatible with a huge range of smart devices, including:

Does Zippy Live Up To The Hype?

Here's what sold me on Zippy.

Keeping a Zippy in easy reach won't just get you out of a low battery jam...and bring dead devices back to life.

Packing 2 or 3 in your bag can also help you make fast friends with freelancers in crowded co-working spaces...

And if your family is attached like velcro to their devices on the weekends like mine are?

Having a few Zippys handy can help you keep the peace and save your Saturdays.

What's Inside The Box:

What Other People Are Saying About Zippy

Works Brilliantly.

“Take this with me when I freelancing overseas and it works brilliantly. When my battery drains to zero, Zippy gets me back to a full charge in no time.”

-Jake - Fresno | Verified Buyer

Everyone Who Gets One Loves It.

“I bought the Zippy four pack because #1, great gift, everyone who gets one loves it. And #2, my RV doesn't leave the driveway until I've got my Zippys in the glove box."

-Jake - Boston | Verified Buyer

Who Brings Gadgets Back To Life? Zippy!

“I purchased one for each of my 12 year olds because when tablets, iphones, laptops die... who brings gadgets back to life? Zippy does! 5 stars."

-Rachael F - Boston | Verified Buyer

The Bottom Line: I Don’t Go Anywhere
Without Zippy (And Neither Should You)

Simply put? If you're a smart & savvy tech lover... you gotta getta Zippy.

It's awesome for:

  • Traveling
    (TSA Safe)
  • Road trips
  • Home
    (1 for every room)
  • Work (Or in your
    laptop bag)

Justina's Rating: 4.7 Stars

Why Zippy Is Flying Off The Shelves

Zippy's quick-charge technology is a huge hit... because it delivers the fastest charge for the buck & gives you the power to charge up to 4 devices in record time. No wonder they can't keep it in stock!

Fair warning: he says this is a time-sensitive opportunity:

A company insider just texted me he's seen a severe shortage of Zippy wall chargers now that the word is out.

He's tracked down a few extra boxes... and mentioned this limited inventory is available for the next few hours.

So now that you know the facts, doesn't it make sense to grab a Zippy (or three) at 60% OFF now...

Because they make a great gift, they're flying off the shelves, and you don't want to miss out?

PLUS Zippy is built to last. It comes with a 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You'll probably get a couple new smartphones, tablets, and laptops before you ever need to replace your Zippy.

Bye Bye Battery Anxiety: "Hello Zippy!"
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About the Author

Justina Principe is a tech enthusiast from Eugene, Oregon. In her free time she plays ultimate frisbee and video games.